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Spring is around and we open

Everythig around us is starting to be full of colors and we would very much like to take care of your hair even color it with distinctive colors.

Therefore do not hesitate to contact us.

Follow the information on reopening or other news on our instagram or facebook mishahairstudio.


In March there were several trainings from our beloved Mishi in the form of a live stream in which Misha who is an ambassador for Loréal inspired a number of hairdressers who could watch this training online.


Cutting techniques that are applicable to long, medium and short hair were discussed and one day was devoted to extravagant cutting.


You can look forward to this and more in our studio.

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Dry February

Thousands of people around the world reduce drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes and move

towards a healthier life.

Why? In addition to feeling good about yourself ,,chopping goodness“ bring better sleep ,

a clear head, more energy, loss of extra pounds and last but not least, it will make it easier for the wallet.


We also have a long – term healthy lifestyle and a ecological approach among our priorities.

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January at Misha Hair Studio: meeting the new one!

January is traditionally a time of a new starts, hopes for a better tomorrow and cleansing of old and unnecessary things. At the same time there is no better period for at least a small reorganization of life and a few new resolutions than January.

And why not start with hair? We bring you an event with the Botanea hair coloring line which offers the opportunity to enter the new year with a natural approach and responsibility to yourself and others

The ideal mediator of any hair change is hair cleansing with Malibu C.

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The opening of the studio

In December after the temporary closure of hairdressing salons given by government regulation we finally have OPEN.

We will keep you safe during your visit.

All December you can continue to buy Christmas presents for your loved ones in the form of professional hair products.


Vouchers for our services in the new year are also suitable under the tree.

You just have to choose.


Advice and help with your colour

Despite the sudden forced leave we will not be idle and we have prepared great news for you in November as well. Gifts, presents and gifts again! We give away full packages of great hair products and you can also look forward to Christmas packages to buy!

All of November you can buy Christmas packages or hair dyes at our reception. This year for the first time we have prepared Christmas packages in all rows for you – just choose 1, 2, or 3 products which we will pack wonderful for you and you will also recieve a lot of beautiful gifts from us.

When you buy three Kérastase products you can choose a free luxury perfume for the price of 550 CZK as a free gift or would you rather choose a gift voucher for the  Discipline, Extentioniste or Nutritive ceremony worth 650 CZK?

If you like to travel around the world and Czech Republic too you will definitely choose a set of travel thumbnails of Kérastase products as a gift. Gifts are also ready for the Loreal Christmas sets.


There is much more waiting for you her for example vouchers for hair services after opening. Stop by for your gift or for your colour!!!!!


Oh no


There is a pause that has affected us all but we are together is this situation and we cannot wait for your hair to bloom under our hands again. We look forward to see you after 30 of November.

Until then time you can use our dispensing window. Call the reception: 603 398 941 and follow our social networks FB and Instagram mishahairstudio


September and news

In September, we tested a novelty for Kérastase designed for all hair types. This is the Chronologiste revitalizing line, which includes pre-shampoo care, detoxifying shampoo, intensively regenerating mask and perfumed hair oil with a wonderful powdery scent. In addition to the results on our hair, we were fascinated by the perfumery of the whole range. Will he win you over too?


Chronologiste products are the right solution for hair that lacks overall vitality. It gives them softness, strength and irresistible shine. In October, you will find individual products for purchase at home on our sales stands next to the reception.


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