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Misha / hair studio rebirth

(video, photos from events)



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Amitié VIP collection – Lenka Zahradnicka
Lenka Zahradnická, Misha Čadková, Misha hair studio_edited_edited.jpg

Actress Lenka Zahradnicka is already the fifth VIP to take part in the photo shoot of our new

Collection dedicated to friendship.


Misha played with her hair in such a way that it accentuated her personality while at the same time perfectly complementing the selected outfits and make up.

Products with a discount - care and styling

What products to include in your care and styling in alternating temperatures?

Spring wishes romantic waves!


  • Discount on conditioner: Discipline Curl idéal cleansing conditioner, original price CZK 915 > new price CZK 500


This nourishing conditioner from Kérastase benefits wavy and curly hair the most. It is this

Type of hair that is most prone to loss of hydratation which you can effectively replenish with this cleansing balm. Deep nutrition and hydratation is ensured from roots to ends and after using the product your curls will be beutifully soft well -groomed and in motion.

Valentine’s Day event 14 th February

On Valentine’s Day come to us for a free hair service treatment! You can choose between two care – lines Smartbond or Chronologiste.


The first of them is a comprehensive system for hair strengthening. It is suitable for use on severely da,aged hair after chemical intervention – weakened for example by unsparing dyeing or bleaching – or directly as additional protective care after the dyenig/bleaching process. It will also beautifully increase the shine and overal vitality of the hair!


Will the Chronologiste treatment be more suitable for you? This is a luxurious care from Kérastase that intensively nourishes the scalp and hair while smoothing and strengthening the hair fiber. You will definitely enjoy being pampered with vitamins A and E, ceramides, Abyssine molecule and a wonderful fragrance! Do not forget to make an appointment with us on 14th February in time!

New men’s Collection

We are proud to present you a new collection of men’s hairstyles called Amitié. It was created for our customers in the spirito f friendship and thanks for their trust.

It is not a just a creative scream but a show of wearable haircuts and natural hairstyles that our other clients regardless of age can easily be inspired by. We organized the whole event in the spirito f our recent 15th birthday.

We sincerely thank everyone involved and especially Lukáš our expert in men’s haircuts who created beautiful models from our clients. Our gentleman also enjoyed it a lot and felt true professionals for a moment. Judge the result for yourself! Which hairstyle speaks to you the most?

Amitié VIP collection
Misha hair studio Dana nikola šrajerová -xmisha hair vip 2022 narozeniny 20224N3A1507_

During our birthady week in addition to the celebrations the studio was also creating and photographing the new Amitié hair collection based on the concept of friendship, That is why our customers including some famous Czech personalities participated directly in it.

Each of our VIP’s presented themselves in two different styles in the collection. During the fall we will gradually introduce them all to you on our social networks or here in the gallery!

You can find the atmosphere from the birthday week here:

https: //

misha hair studio_edited.jpg

In July, we are launching a new product in the studio that is focused on comprehensive skin care - the Beauty Focus Collagen+ dietary supplement.


It is a drink for daily preparation at home, which brings a beautiful appearance to the skin and visible anti-aging benefits such as minimizing wrinkles around the eyes, natural brightness or improving the elasticity of the skin.


We realize that in recent years collagens have been on the market for a while, so we've selected real quality from Nu Skin for you. Beauty Focus Collagen+ has expertly selected ingredients and results confirmed by clinical studies.


We are happy to be able to offer this product to you here too - at a discount of 30% compared to the regular retail price. Stop for him!

Celebration 15
mishahairstudio III.jpg

In June we live not only with news in the field of hair care and preparations for summer fun but hair care and preparations for summer fun but mainly with the celebration of our 15th birtday!


Free treatment for all our customers


As part of our birthday celebrations we have preparde a pleasant surprise for all our clients –

Yes even for gentleman.


You can choose from  – care targeted at a specific hair type and mixed

according to their needs.

But there´s much more to come in our birthday week. For information on all events follow

Our social networks where we give all the details!

Curly hair

In may we bring you a big still hot novelty that will please all women with naturally curly hair. L´ oréal Profesionnel is a comprehensive hair line for all types of waves called Curl Expression.


Returning to nature and highlighting what nature has given u sis becoming a trend so i tis no wonder that more and more women are learning how to work properly with their waves instead of straightening their hair by blowing or ironing.

Peace not war

The mood in society is still burdensome. After a two – year pandemic that has not given anyone securoity we now have to deal with the black cloud that is hovering over us in the formo f war in Ukraine. This issue directly affects us all.

Our studio has already sent the amount of czk 5 000 which we have selected from among our employees to support Ukrainian citizens through the experienced peace organization Člověk v Tísni. In addition we as individuals also contributed independently at various

benefit concerts.

New men’s Collection

Have you already registered our birthday event, which will take place throughout the year 2022? As our studio is celebrating its fifteenth birthday this year, we have decided to give you a little surprise every 15 days of the month.


In March, as part of this event, you can once again look forward to gifts in the form of the Acide Chroma Gloss service worth CZK 280, which clients ordered on March 15. we will provide all day for FREE!

We open again

The first is a big change in ordering! From 9th February after a long time unvaccinated clients can aslo order hairdressing salons thanks to the dismantling of anti – epidemic measures.


The obligation to prove oneself in the services with a covid certificate is eliminated. So if you have so far avoided salons for this reason you finally have the opportunity to indulge in professioanl care in the hands of our hairdressers!


There is still a charity collection for rehabilitation for a 6 – year – old girl named Laurinka.

This preschooler was clever and full of life until she was 1 year old. But then she began to show problems in motor development and she was diagnosed with and insidious childhood disease – spinal muscular atrophy. No treatment was available at the time so her condition worsened to the point that she could not stand up. Today however she is still fighting for her place in the children s group and is preparing for early school. But to do so she needs a number of expensive therapies and excercises that her parents cannot afford on their own.


That is why we decides to joint he collection which will allow her to start a full life among other peers. If you want to get involved help us spread awareness about the collection by sharing  information or donate your contribution either at the box office of our studio or online at



This particular young lady and her particular family need help. And since every little girl sometimes wants to feel like a princess we decided to support her not only financially but also by adjusting her hair!

Detox for hair
misha hair studio.jpeg

May is a time of love and our love of hair and working with it will hopefully at least make up for the inconveniences of recent months. In the studio, everything is ready so that you can pamper your hair again at the highest level: In addition to a range of natural products that help with cleansing and hair and scalp care, we will also be introducing a new caring and styling line from Kérastase for you during May, focusing specifically on wavy and curly hair. L’Oréal also comes with a novelty - through revolutionary products for neutralizing metals in the hair and their thorough detox. Would your hair need it like salt after a long winter?

Mishy školení.jpg

Everythig around us is starting to be full of colors and we would very much like to take care of your hair even color it with distinctive colors.

Therefore do not hesitate to contact us.

Follow the information on reopening or other news on our instagram or facebook mishahairstudio.


In March there were several trainings from our beloved Mishi in the form of a live stream in which Misha who is an ambassador for Loréal inspired a number of hairdressers who could watch this training online.


Cutting techniques that are applicable to long, medium and short hair were discussed and one day was devoted to extravagant cutting.


You can look forward to this and more in our studio.

misha hair studio .jpg

Have you been thinking for a long time that you would like to do something special for your skin? Because beauty is a complex matter, we have started cooperation with the Asklepion Institute of Clinical and Aesthetic Medicine.


Not only your hair deserves the right care and a good portion of hydration. That is why we have prepared discounts for you. Call us at the reception for more information or a discount coupon.

New men’s Collection
misha hair vlasy.jpg

Thousands of people around the world reduce drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes and move

towards a healthier life.

Why? In addition to feeling good about yourself ,,chopping goodness“ bring better sleep ,

a clear head, more energy, loss of extra pounds and last but not least, it will make it easier for the wallet.


We also have a long – term healthy lifestyle and a ecological approach among our priorities.

misha botanea.jpg

January is traditionally a time of a new starts, hopes for a better tomorrow and cleansing of old and unnecessary things. At the same time there is no better period for at least a small reorganization of life and a few new resolutions than January.

And why not start with hair? We bring you an event with the Botanea hair coloring line which offers the opportunity to enter the new year with a natural approach and responsibility to yourself and others

The ideal mediator of any hair change is hair cleansing with Malibu C.

New men’s Collection

In December after the temporary closure of hairdressing salons given by government regulation we finally have OPEN.

We will keep you safe during your visit.

All December you can continue to buy Christmas presents for your loved ones in the form of professional hair products.


Vouchers for our services in the new year are also suitable under the tree.

You just have to choose.

The opening of the studio

In December after the temporary closure of hairdressing salons given by government regulation we finally have OPEN.

We will keep you safe during your visit.

All December you can continue to buy Christmas presents for your loved ones in the form of professional hair products.


Vouchers for our services in the new year are also suitable under the tree.

You just have to choose.

Advice and help with your colour

Despite the sudden forced leave we will not be idle and we have prepared great news for you in November as well. Gifts, presents and gifts again! We give away full packages of great hair products and you can also look forward to Christmas packages to buy!

All of November you can buy Christmas packages or hair dyes at our reception. This year for the first time we have prepared Christmas packages in all rows for you – just choose 1, 2, or 3 products which we will pack wonderful for you and you will also recieve a lot of beautiful gifts from us.

When you buy three Kérastase products you can choose a free luxury perfume for the price of 550 CZK as a free gift or would you rather choose a gift voucher for the  Discipline, Extentioniste or Nutritive ceremony worth 650 CZK?

If you like to travel around the world and Czech Republic too you will definitely choose a set of travel thumbnails of Kérastase products as a gift. Gifts are also ready for the Loreal Christmas sets.


There is much more waiting for you her for example vouchers for hair services after opening. Stop by for your gift or for your colour!!!!!


Oh no


There is a pause that has affected us all but we are together is this situation and we cannot wait for your hair to bloom under our hands again. We look forward to see you after 30 of November.

Until then time you can use our dispensing window. Call the reception: 603 398 941 and follow our social networks FB and Instagram mishahairstudio


September and news

In September, we tested a novelty for Kérastase designed for all hair types. This is the Chronologiste revitalizing line, which includes pre-shampoo care, detoxifying shampoo, intensively regenerating mask and perfumed hair oil with a wonderful powdery scent. In addition to the results on our hair, we were fascinated by the perfumery of the whole range. Will he win you over too?


Chronologiste products are the right solution for hair that lacks overall vitality. It gives them softness, strength and irresistible shine. In October, you will find individual products for purchase at home on our sales stands next to the reception.


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