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Since 2007 we have been active in the sphere of hair design. Talent, progressive development and innovative perception

of beauty, which is treated with the utmost sensitivity, led us to an exciting new beginning. Witness the rebirth of salon Misha hair studio. We've created a new space and together we will form a world where your hair become art, vision and inspiration. A world that breathes and can be perceived with all senses. Our uniqueness lies in the natural design and materials we've used. We're introducing a place where there is a natural connection between inner and outer world.

We understand what it means to be a woman. We perceive femininity and enjoy it.


We know how to insert life, movement and sensuality in your hair.


Nothing will ever be the same again ...



Salon Misha hair studio and its artisty of hairdressing is linking latest international trends nobleness and timelessness.

By constantly improving our services, self educating and creating our own philosophy

we have gained a mark of uniqueness and exclusivity.

We have for you: raw and bio breakfast + bio cider for evening costomers + drinks for every appointment, do by your self nail varnishing with your appointment = free of cost, designed and harmony space with precious Shungit – we are only one hairdressing salon in Czech Republik who have it.


Our philosophy is in the spirit of Raw beauty. We are convinced that only the living beauty can

be pampered, admired and perceived as an art.

          We can order for you make-up artist, parking, loolking after your children. It is matter of course for us : ecological access to work, wifi, english speaking reception, chill out area, aroma and relaxed music, club cards and campaign for our customers, Loyalty bonuses and activity, support and cooperation with foundation of Tereza Maxová.


Our passion is your hair.

Nothing will ever
Raw beauty

“ We are here just for you

Misha hair studio RAW BEAUTY”

Misha Čadková

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